Saturday, January 18, 2014

Take a look back at some DIY

Here are some DIY I've done during the year of 2013.

 Made my sons costume last year. He was an indian chief and I ended making his costume. There's more pictures of it with him in ot on my instagram.

Some wall decor for Haydens wall.

 I actually was inspired to make this garland after Dulce candy showed it in one of her videos she paid i think $300! for one like it and I made one that cost not even $10! Huge difference for sure.
Now it hangs lovely above my bed.
 Confetti crown idea via Confetti Bar.

Turned my cork board into a jewelry holder.
Found the owl inspiration on pinterest using toilet paper rolls.

 Made my mom and grandmother candles. Idea via Anne or shine. 

Hope you enjoyed some of these easy DIY.
I've been super crafty since becoming a mother.
Still finishing up a scrapbook for my sons first year.
Hope to get it done soon.




  1. Wow, you are very talented, you've made lots of great things! I love the jewelry holder!

  2. Love the mickey comic strip! Thanks for sharing.


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