Friday, September 13, 2013


Button up: Boyfriends simliar one here | Shorts: Necessary clothing | Necklace: Jewelmint

The weather has been getting cooler here in New York and for once I'm excited for fall. On this particular day tho it was hot! Spent the day having a real picnic with my family at central park. I say this because
there was a small camera crew by us and they were there for a while 3 hrs later I see Guiliana Rancic her hubby and baby duke! She looked amazing they were literally just feet away having a "picnic" a little basket was set up literally took like5 min to shoot that scene and they were off. I wanted a photo with them I do watch their show I happen to love them as a family I just didn't want to bother them. 
Anyway my necklace btw was one I actually did not want (it's a long story). Now that I see it how stupid could I have been to not want it the style color and everything about it is just flawless.  Absolutely obsessed now. Well I'm off to start my day.

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