Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hello spring

Dress: Lauren Conrad for kohls (last year) another dress I like Lc Lauren Conrad Polka-Dot Fit And Flare Dress )| Belt:forever 21

So this dress was gifted to me by my sister last year for my birthday. I was 8 months pregnant and thinking that I was not as huge as I really was I tried it on. The worst idea ever! Aside from my huge belly my boobs were super big and I could not get the dress off. My last resort was to cut it off that is how desperate I was let alone breaking a sweat but as you can see all is well && I some how managed to get it off. I do not own a scale but last time I checked I was 107 lbs (2wks ago anyway) not bad since my regular weight is 100. I ended my pregnancy at 135 and yes I did end up getting stretch marks on my tummy wah. I am not focused on losing anymore weight just living a healthier life style.
Any mothers out there? Do you have any advice for me on how or if you did put baby on a schedule that would be appreciated.
Oh and you guys should know if not google reader is ending in July correct me if I am wrong.
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