Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY wall art

Since I'm  a stay at home mom I tend to get bored being cooped up in the house
since it's cold out, so I decided to start doing DIY projects.
My bedroom walls are bare and I just want to decorate my apartment and give it a fresh look.
So I made 2 wall art.


What you'll need are styrofoam balls, fake flowers, hot glue gun, paint, any picture or card stock paper, mod podge and canvases I used wood.

First I cut one of the styrofoam balls in half, pull out all flowers from the stem and then
hot glue then end on the flower and stick them on to the ball until it's filled completely
(I painted my wood frames ahead of time to save time). I did use felt and glued that to the bottom of the stryofoam ball and then glued it onto to the wood it stuck together better that way.


I measured and cut card stock paper and mod podged the border. Then placed the card stock
over quickly and firmly and added another layer of mod podge to seal it.
The end result should look like this.


For the other frame all I did was cut out a random picture I saw in a magazine mod podged the wood and then placed it over, then sealed it with another coat of mod podge. It did wrinkle but I'm still happy with the result. (Also same steps for how I did border as the one above.) If you try this let me know I can't take all the credit I was inspired by a few DIY's i saw on pinterest

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