Friday, October 12, 2012

my fall must haves && wish list

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1. Rock star jeans   2. Brotzman bootie from Aldos      3. Essie nail polish in a cut above  4.chunky sweater 

1. Isabel Marant sneakers  2. Prada cat eye sunnies  3. "Half way" rings

  The top 4 are my fall must haves all other remaining are on my wish list. Those Isabel Marant sneakers I've been secretly loving for a while now. They have a hidden wedge, my sister bought an alternative one at ASOS with a budget friendly price && they look adorable. Also I've gained a liking to these half way rings I saw another blogger wear them and it looked really nice.



  1. ooh nice! Those Isabel Marant sneakers are gorgeous! :)


  2. I need to start dressing girlier - if that's what we call it now. But I love the selections that you made.


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