Sunday, August 19, 2012

heavenly clouds DIY

I had recently went out and bought my baby an initial to add
to his nursery. I wanted to spell out his whole name but they didn't have all of
the letters. I'm naming him Hayden by the way.
I was originally going to keep it as is but my inner creative side came out and I wanted to 
add on to the "H" && decided to put some clouds. 
The idea came in the other day as I was watching youtube videos and Michelle Phan had a video on 
how to place clouds on her nails. 

The supplies:
A wood letter
white && clear nail polish (the clear one is debatable I ended up  not using it)
Tape, soft surface or cardboard
 sponge brush (do not necessarily need it either)
small pick  or round brush to make clouds.


By the way Yes you can just paint on the clouds one of the clouds were painted on
I just thought it looked better this way.

I used the cardboard that the letter was packaged in.
Placed tape over it and then pour white nail polish over it and design clouds or what ever you'd like.
Let dry for 20 min. (made as many clouds as possible since it takes a while to dry).
When dried pull the tape off but not completely and then put it back down 
the clouds should  plump up to the point where you can pull it off.
It is kind of like the Sally Hansen's nail strips. 
Carefully with tweezers pull the clouds off and place it on the initial.
Do not pull too fast or hard they're really delicate and the clouds can rip. 
You can place the clouds and press down with your fingers I ended up finding out that 
pressing down with a sponge brush is better 
  so that your finger prints do not show and they don't get plumpy.
(Also why I stopped using a top coat it works better with out it)

This is the finished product.
It was a little time consuming for me just because I kept ripping the clouds apart.
Love the outcome tho.
Let me know if you guys try this or anything similar.


  1. It's adorable! I think you did a great job :]

  2. I love this . Did you make it for your baby ?

  3. Hayden is an adorable name. I love the way everything came out!

  4. This is so cute and creative!! Love it.

  5. now this is an adorable diy! cute blog girl ;)


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