Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So sorry about the hiatus I didn't mean to be on one I swear.
I'm 9 months now and
 ready to just give birth already 
(I say that now anyway).


zara vest, mystique dress, Aldos messenger bag && sandals

I'm running out of clothes to wear I haven't done any real shopping for myself as it's not
about me anymore but I did place an order at ASOS on a maternity dress and skirt that I fell in
love with about the only items aside from my topshop dress (also maternity) that I shall own and still be able to wear
when I'm not pregnant anymore.
I shall be keeping you guys updated I do on twitter anyway
I do most of my rantings there.


  1. Oh man those months went by so fast! You look beautiful & glowing. I can't wait to see the baby & everything you have in store. I wonder how the blog will change up with your new addition. :)

  2. omg i love seeing your belly!!! 9 months went by super fast!!! :) glad to hear your doing good!!

  3. Omgg 9 months? Week hurry up n pop lol u still look amazing doll.. hope urfeeling better those pains ur having are baby ready to come out! Just take it easy doll

  4. Crazy how time flies! I am glad to read that you are healthy and well. As always, nice outfit.:D

    - Marie

  5. congratulations! 9 months id say you are about ready then hahah i don't think i want kids, but if i ever do i hope i look as fabulous as you do while i'm pregnant!



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