Friday, July 1, 2011


So I've mentioned before that us New Yorker's DO NOT have an ULTA
(actually we do but not in NYC). How upsetting. Any who when I did spot one in Miami I almost
caught a heart attack I must have spent a good amount of time && money while I was in there.
I bought my sister && my bf stuff (I bought him a EOS lip balm lol)

The nail polishes I bought.
shattered in black && silver I could
n't find it anywhere in NYC some girl told me to go to queens to get it I'm not traveling over there for nail polish lol. O.P.I's step to the beat of my heart, Essie braziliant, L'oreal's Apple of my eye was on sale for $2.99, China glazes Bogie which was also on sale for $2.99 && so was the china glaze's riveter rouge.


I have this huge addiction with EOS products.
So I bought 2 more lip balms in pepper mint && honey suckle I already have the summer fruit && I bought my boyfriend that one and my sister the lemon drop.
NYX lip stick in Vitamin && bought this eye shadow palette in SHANGRI-LA that I tried out while I was in Miami
&& it looked great definitely fall colors tho.
I feel like I'm missing something's hmmm. I don't know.


  1. oooo that nyx palette is gorg!!! i think you can definitely summer it up with a fun glitter liner or a pair of wild lashes :))

  2. Just got an NYX palet at IMATS!!! :) thanks for following my blog, i followed you back, and on twitter too! Love the blog girl!!! look forward to reading more!

  3. Nice buys! Sorry about not having an Ulta close to where you live.

    The NYX palette is great for a bronzey summer / fall look.:D

    ****** Marie *****


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