Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweet delights


So I've been wanting to stop by target for a while now.
The majority of the stuff we bought were
for home. Out of the cosmetics department tho I bought E.L.F bronzer, I can't
wait to try it love anything that can give me a glow. A bronzer usually does that && it comes in 4 different shades.
Also from E.L.F I wanted to try the tinted moisturizer I've heard great things about it so I'll
be trying that && a zit zapper. All were $3 or less. It is said that it helps with redness && breakouts so far so good.

I've seen that they had a new clean && clear face cleanser so I picked up one in pomegranate.
It smells soo yummy makes me want to eat it.
It's been working good on my face so far.
The helly kitty wipes I just had to get because I love H.K
also it fits in most of my bags so they'll come in handy.
The essie color I just love I'm wearing it now. It's in aruba blue.
So pretty && vibrant love it.


So I don't remember if I posted this or not on here but on twitter
I posted about these guys selling MAC on the streets of Brooklyn bay ridge to be exact.
I mean they look legit && my boyfriend was like they probably stole it or whatever. I mean they're not even selling them anymore && the guys were so quick to pack up their stuff.
So I bought the lip glasses from the venomous villain && wonder woman lines.
The venomous villain lip glass is in strange potion && wonder womans is emancipation.
The colors are wonderful but very similar. I mean hey I bought those 2 for $15 talk about a bargain.
How's everyone handling the heat in NY? Tomorrows suppose to be worse
&& I have a doctors appointment -.-.
Stay cool


  1. / Aw, thank you, I'm glad you like them!

    Well, as appose to the heat in NY, Norway got a flood warning today, as it's supposed to rain a months worth in two days XD

  2. Hmm after reading your post I might try out for the M.A.C products! they look super cute as well :)

    thx for commenting on my psot! much much appreciated ;) im following ur blog now, it's really lovely and informative!


  3. Thanks for the comment on my 99c post! :) I am so excited for Universal St.& Lopez!! Make sure to let me kno how ELF tinted moisturizer works! i jus bought a SmashBox tinted moisturizer &i wanna see if elf is just as good!!

  4. I love the Mac wonderwomen and the ELF...sooo handy!!
    Thank you for comming ;))

  5. Nice buys! I want to try the E.L.F. zip zapper, must look for it at my local Target. Thanks for sharing.:D

    ****** Marie *****


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