Thursday, December 23, 2010

He's H E R E

My wonderful amazingly adorable dog.

My bf && I went to a shelter in brooklyn.
They had us in a room with dogs && they were all barking and running around in there cages I was a little freaked out I'm not gonna lie.
Then a pitbull's cage had opened behind my boyfriend && I was in shock he casually closed it lol.
Out of all the dogs the one I truly fell in love with was mine. He was so quiet.
He still hasn't barked yet so idk maybe if he has vocal problems or something.
We adopted him && took him that same day I couldn't dread leaving him behind.
The minute he reached to my bf' s place he was so playful despite his healing arm [they say he was hit by a car && left to die :'( ]

He' s already spoiled && my cats are getting used to him little by little.
He' s a miniature pinscher && we've (well my twin) has named him Casio. (like the watch lol )
I'm so glad that I can save his life && another as they now have room for another dog to come in =)
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone


  1. he's super cute! it's great to rescue animals. i have a chihuahua/mini pinscher & she looks just like him :]

  2. wonderful! I myself love dogs too! all mine are from the humane society :D they're the best! It made me so sad to know about how dogs are treated and so many people have no damn hearts and leave them to die. That's why I hate people that breed certain ones to sell and make money when there are so many in pounds that have been waiting to get a home. great post chica <3 casio is precious and that's great he has a great home now :D

  3. Awww so sweet your bf! And so is that cute little dog ^^ x~


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