Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Telling me your gonna buy me shoes is like MUSIC to my ears.






H&M sweater dress, f21 leggings, UO clock necklace, mixx for necessary clothing bootie,charlotte russe earrings

Personally heels hurt my feet. I give kudos to any women that can stand in heels all day long.
I see women at like Aldo's or bakers with some 5 inch heels && I always think "does there feet hurt standing all those hours" I'd probably go to the back room && cry I just wouldn't do it to myself.
Now wedges is a totally different story so comfy I can go all day with them.
I stopped by Payless to just "check" around to see if they had some nice shoes
&& little did I know that Fiona one of the newer brands were there && had these cute pumps there.
Sadly I didn't get them but I am gonna go back. Pumps are so hard to find in my size there either really tight or big. I have such small feet that these designers should really consider us people (including big people feet) more often.
Oh I went to Walmart the other day && I bought the photo ready foundation by Revlon && I'm
so mad at myself I bought the wrong color (it looked like my color). It makes my skin look 2 shades lighter making me really pale. How disappointing.
Does anyone have any suggestions maybe a glowing powder?
hmm who knows til next time



  1. you look the shoes ;)

  2. aww you and your man are so cute meng
    love your outfit and shoes :D not sure which product to recommend you but FYI just in case you didn't know...hopefully u kept the receipt with for the foundation you bought because you're allowed to return makeup even if you opened it. I bought revlon photoready and ended up going back to my mac powder because I hated it. I got all my money back and they didn't ask me any questions :] hope it helps

  3. @ali thnks so much <3
    @senorita omg really ?!?! bc im from new york The damn walmart is in jersey -__- idk if my dad would want to drive me back hes so lazy but I would even exchange it it was a honest mistake it looked like my color I just couldn't believe that happened grrr && thnx for the compliments <3 id prolly return it now thnx

  4. you are jsut so adorable! and that outfit is so CUTE!!!!

    and i agree with you when it comes to girls wearing long heels. and doing it with no worries. i envy them. i bet it takes a lot of practice AND blisters! ahhh painful!

  5. love your grey shoes!
    Buy a powder on your colour and mixed


  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I had to follow you! you have a great style and oh my...You are beautiful with a captial B!

    Those heels are freaking sexy!!! I love them and you and your guy look absolutely beautiful together!!

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    is very nice and cute !
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  8. Those boots are really cute! I've got my eye on some similar ones... And you guys look really happy, aww.

  9. Aww, I wish I had your eye color.


  10. Adorable, you look simply pretty by natural cosmetics. Plus the fact that your smile is simply irresistible.


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