Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There isn't anything better...

then being surrounded with people you love.
This is a little recap of things that has been going on.

My sister's pin love it it's vintage.

F21 striped shirt && jeans, Marshalls green jacket, UO bird house necklace
merona for target flats,

At urban outfitters yes I was completely exhausted coming from work then doing a little shopping to cheer myself up.
Did it work? A little. =)

A human beat box (that's what you call it right?) He was really good I had to snap a photo.

It's so late in the game now my sunflowers want to bloom when it's so cold && rainy out.
I planted them like 4 mos ago if I would've known that it would have taken them this long I certainly would have done it way before summer started.

The new addition to the family Victoria almost 7 mos so beautiful && she doesn't CRY!
Well not while I watched her. :
Danice flannel, corteroid pants (not shown), mint green knitted ugg (not shown)
excuse my hair I haven' t done it in days.

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I seem to come from a family filled with girls.
Who knows when anyone is going to have a boy.
*sighs* I guess we'll have to just patiently wait.
Have a wonderful day bloggers
P.s Ill be doing a giveaway my very first soon, I'm extremely excited.
Ill keep you all posted.


  1. You have a beautiful family!:D

    It's good to know that shopping made you feel a little better, :D.

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I love the green jacket, I REALLY need to go shopping for one cuz I've been freezing my butt off in this weather. I was thinking of going to Marshalls too.

    And yay for your first giveaway! Congrats on that! Can't wait to enter in it.

  3. @marie thanks so much shopping always makes me happy =)
    @s.m you should really get a little jacket for now im such a cheap buyer I always go for a bargain.

  4. very sweet x


  5. adorable outfit!! :DD and yes shopping can do great things hahaha thansk so much for commenting on my blog ((ill be sure to keep checking up on yours,, i love it!))


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