Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chi-silk infusion && Hana shine shield review && Giveaway courtesy of Misikko

So I was extremely excited when John from Misikko.com contacted me to do a review &&
giveaway for the products Chi silk infusion && Hana shine shield. Excited because this is my first giveaway I couldn't refuse the offer. =)
Misikko.com has everything from top rated flat irons to wonderful hair dryers. You can
get almost any hair product that you can ever imagine from there.
The Chi silk infusion it's 2 oz you can get at drugstores but they're completely overpriced there && Misikko
has it for cheaper!

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It came beautifully packaged within the next day. Now YOU can enter to be a winner
of these beautiful supplies.

Now I don't normally put anything in my hair when I get ready to style it like straighten or
curl because most items seem to make my hair oily or sticky, gross.
So I did my normal routine washed my hair shampoo, conditioned and dried it.
Now my hair came out as usual completely frizzy dry && dead looking.
So I told myself you know my hair looks really bad lets see if the Chi silk infusion
would do anything.
So here's my before pic.
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I only poured a little amount on my palm && the first thing I noticed was the scent.
It smells so good now it feels a little oily so I was nervous but I massaged it thru my hair from root to tip && started to straighten my hair.
The results are completely amazing.
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My hair was super soft and silky looking I let my little sister try both the products &&
she loves them. My hair NEVER looks like this it looks like I went to the salon && got it done.
Nope it was def. the chi silk that did the magic.
The Chi silk infusion comes in a small, 2oz bottle, it's def proof that a little really does go a long long way. It contains no alcohol and helps protect you hair against thermal styling damage while giving you silky soft locks. I'm so happy with this product.

Now the Hana shine shield is also a 2oz bottle.
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At misikko.com it states that the Hana Shine Shield safe, effective heat styling ,thermal serum that can be used as a leave-in conditioner - lightweight never greasy, it protects and strengthens hair whether you use it with a flat iron, hair dryer or alone.
The scent on this product is amazing as well. This product made my hair completely soft && added shine to it. Even the people around me noticed something with my hair since everyone who follows my blog knows I've been wearing scarves on my head for not even touching my hair. It is NOT greasy I thought it was going to be tho. I didn't have to put a lot either I just put a dime size && I was good to go. =)

Ready for a chance to win these amazing products!

Contestants must be from the U.S or Canda.

To enter ( Mandatory) you must add your name && email address +1 entry

For extra entries
To make everything easier I linked everything

Entries equal 2 each
  1. Follow Misikko on Twitter
  2. Blog about the giveaway on a personal site
  3. Join misikko's newsletter
  4. "Like"misikko on Facebook
  5. Interact with misikkos facebook comment on a post, pic, or write on wall. etc
For 3+entries follow my blog.

NOTE for the 5th*
entry option Misikko's facebook is a place where their customers can access their beauty
experts directly. So don't just write on their wall && say it's for my giveaway. Thank you.
This contest will run til Oct 30 11:59 p.m eastern time


  1. Enter me!! =))

    Rinz @ miss-rinrin.blogspot.com

    email: miss.rinrin.blogspot@gmail.com

  2. Oh those items look so nice! Pretty Please Enter Me!

  3. ooh cool!

    1 entry: Mimi whatmimiwrites@gmail.com

    2 entries: i signed up for their newsletter

    3 entries: i am a follower of your blog

    thank you!

    <3, Mimi

  4. thanks for visiting my blog :] & commenting
    I would enter but I won the same thing on PinkCupcakez so to be fair I won't. good luck to everyone else

  5. Sad :(

    Can't enter it's only for US & Canadian....

  6. sweet! your hair looks ahh-mazing!! :)

    count me in!!



  7. enter me
    liked misikko on fb

  8. enter me
    joined newsletter

  9. AhhhhH!! I've been wanting to try Silk Infusiun, it's on my wish list!!!

    My name is Elle.

    I have been a follower.

    My email is GrantL212@yahoo.com

    Ps. Your hair looks great!!

  10. Heyy, congrats on your first giveaway :)!
    Your hair came out really nice btw.

    - Blogged about giveaway on personal site (http://asweet-mess.blogspot.com/2010/10/la-la-la.html)

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    - And I'm already a follower of your blog.

    Leslie, Lvillafana7@hotmail.com
    I'll be crossing my fingers lol.

  11. you have such adorable eyes im so jealous!!!!

  12. i honestly thought i followed your blog. ne ways... i wanna join the giveaway!

  13. Sharon S. and email in profile. Thank you for the entry!

  14. I am following Misikko on Twitter @rusthawk.

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  21. Your eyes are so pretty! what kind of camera is that?


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