Saturday, September 18, 2010

The only exception

vintage scarf, charlotte russe earrings, marshalls jacket, bag unknown but Ill find out =)
dee&&ricky lego heart pin

I've been wearing scarves on my head lately.
It works wonders especially when you haven't done it.
I was on my way to work && kept it really simple.
It gets cold here in NY at night now I wasn't going to wear the jacket
but thank god I did I was freezing after work.
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


  1. i really like your style and your blog! I am following you from now on!
    great pin...really cute!


  2. i love the idea of wearing a scarf on our hair! i think i'm gonna try that out too. :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. Thanks for your kind comment Twinn! Why not follow my blogspot to keep up to date with my latest posts?? Take care x

  4. Great style as always. I love the apple pin :)

  5. Oo, i love the jacket and the fact youv'e put the lego brooch on it. Cool! Thanks for your comment, Treggings are a good buy, there so comfortable and you don't feel exposed as like leggings!
    Alicia xo

  6. Cute scarf! The pin and earrings are adorable too <3. And yeah it has been getting colder, I LOVE it! Definitely always keep a sweater or jacket in your bag tho, that's what I've been doing because it may be hot early in the day but ya never know when the temperature might drop outta nowhere.

  7. I love scarfs *-* and i like putting them on the head like this too :D


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