Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Over

Summer is coming to an end.
Fall Trends are going to soon be all over everyone's blogs, ads, etc.
Even tho I didn't do much this summer I surely can not wait til next. Oh how I'm dreading this long cold winter.
Danice tube top, urban outfitters cardi, f21 pencil short, H&M wedge shoe && feather necklace,
necessary clothing belt.

I hate how I do not have someone to take my photos.
I don't like indoor pictures the quality of it goes down. Well I kept it somewhat casual that day. I did change tho to a romper that I must show you people it looks
really nice the print of it gives this tribal feeling.

My curling iron broke the other day it still didn't stop me from doing my hair.
Haha I look like I just woke up it was just a Sunday afternoon && I was waiting on my bf
to come over.
Blehh I have a better pic of my hair but this shall do.
I prefer my hair curled than straightened.
I'm feeling a lot better sorry for the rare posts.
I'm in the process of looking for a school.
wish me luck
have a wonderful day bloggers.


  1. I think curly hair looks great on you!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Best of luck to you! I can't believe summer is almost over too.

  3. beautiful cardigan and shoes.xx

  4. Ooh gorgeous outfit!
    I love your hair, nice and wavy.
    Looking cute :)

  5. I don't want summer to end!!!! u look cute girl...I am also an iron lover LOL...I also like your curly hair.

    I am following ; )


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