Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Life's divine chaos, embrace it"

Striped romper (gift), H&M gray harem pant, Aldo bag, Qupid braided sandal.

So the other day I did receive my first order from NYX cosmetics && I love it.
I ordered the base && a glitter palette.
I thought the palette was going to be small but it def. wasn't.
So last year in May I went to get my very first tattoo with my sisters.
We all went to the city again just to walk around && what not.
My twin was so making sure we weren't leaving the city til I got MY tattoo.
So I went for it the guy I had was so funny (I went to st marks again but a different location)
St. Marks has a whole bunch of tattoo && piercing shops.
I put the quote "Life's divine chaos, embrace it"on my forearm.
I love it. I was so excited about it that I didn't care whether it would hurt or not.

Well til next time
have a great day bloggers.


  1. do u ever not look fresh? lol.

    dope tattoo btw i can dig it

  2. Beautiful outfits. I like the tattoo and its meaning.

  3. aww I like it!! I am looking to get a belly piercing! And a nose ring, but I don't think I'll ever get a tattoo

  4. union square!! love the outfit!!

    -He approves

  5. you are stunnning, amazing outfits.<3

  6. thnx guys
    @ sara i know tattoos arent for everyone I dont like how people just get it bc its going to make them look cool
    @He =) im actually flattered that you approved my outfit knowing that you always have something great to say.

  7. nice was nicely styled

  8. I love your tattoo i have sleeves about heaven and hell and my chest piece is going to say this quote so strong and so true!!! I was looking to see if anyone had this quote and ur page popped up glad someone understands the meaning haha please follow me on twitter lilcarlbreezy89


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