Sunday, April 18, 2010

When there's a sale I just can't turn away from it

Kudos to Bryan Boy who had blogged about the $5 sale
at Urban Outfitters that I simply couldn't deny.
So I bought a jewelery stand that rotates! It has a little owl on top of it.
It replaced the ballerina one that I already had but I have too many jewelery.
I also bought an umbrella ring stand, a vintage looking clock piece necklace && a bird house lol.
All for $4.99 each.
I was so pleased with my order they just added new things to the sale list.
(As you can see I love FABOLOUS his pic is back there && the wall is of him && I)
My family && I went to Jersey yesterday to do some shopping ugh as I still
try to save money I never can't I bought a few nice items.
We ate at a place called Tumi its a peruvian restaurant (as I am half peruvian)
Omg the food was to die for. Well I don't want to write a whole book lol because I have so much to say but I'll def. write it on my next post.
Have a great day!

"Chase the dream not the competition"


  1. what a fabulous sale. I should have gone in when I saw the store yesterday. Enjoy your haul =)

  2. Everybody loves anything SALE!:D

    Enjoy your goodies!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. hah true shit, sales are like magnets to me.

    Peruvian food is the SHIT. My last ex was Peruvian so I got my fair share of peruvian goodness

  4. thnx girls i do love sales who doesnt lol.
    @krypton oh wow thats cool lol I love the food & i always wanted to date a peruvian boy but those are hard to find -_- lol


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