Thursday, April 8, 2010

&& so it has begun

Danice tank and sandals, wet seal tulip skirt, f21 charm

I was really in denial about having just so happens that I do.
My bf and sister didn't want to take any photos of me -__- therefore I had to time them all.
I didn't upload them all because they're not worthy right now.
I went to the city I could have gone all out on clothes BUT I'm really trying to just save money.
I had no luck in finding a dog people are greedy and want to get paid first before I even meet it.
I'm not going to get scammed.

hehe I love my cat he's so nosey.

Have a great day bloggers.


  1. ughhh I feel u, I'm here sniffling & sneezing I hate it!
    nice blog btw I love it

  2. Adorable outfit!
    I wish I had the ability to save money, I always end up wasting it on random things.

  3. cute fit'

    ahhhh allergies are the worst! what're u allergic to?

  4. @senorita thnx so much
    @sweetmess don't feel guilty bc im forever spending money as well
    @krytpon im not allergic to anything its just now the spring weather for some reason is makin me feel like ishhh

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog. Cute OFTD. Following you now =)


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