Monday, April 26, 2010

keep it coming

So I had really long hair about 4 to 5 years ago. Since then I've been on this short hair don' t
care I want my long hair back. The last time I cut it was back in October.
It's almost MAY my hair is still so short.
The 2 photos on top were taken in Dec.(when I didnt' clean my room omg do you see that mess?) Hair was really short experts say hair grows longer && faster in the summer. Uhm I guess it' s true but my little sister got the A or sometimes referred as the " V" cut around the time I cut it && her hair has grew.
The bottom photos I just took my hair has gotten a little longer I wanna know how people keep it healthy I'm using this Garnier & fructis conditioner to specifically help it grow idk it' s
kinda working ( I think).
My hair is just sitting on my shoulders.
Well hopefully some miracle happens.
Have a wonderful day bloggers.

What im wearing top photo:
Danice sweater.
D&G glasses (non prescripted)

Bottom photos.
Walmart earrings.
Heritage eighty one floral top.

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