Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Go on Express Yourself

I just bought this "dress" from my job. My manager says it's not a dress
but I beg to differ 1. I'm extremely short therefore everything looks like a dress on me no
matter what it is. (doesn't necessarily mean that I wear everything as a dress)
2. it looked good as a dress. =)
3. It doesn't look cheap it looks like it should be from Zaras.

what I'm wearing.
Danice bow tied back striped dress.
I''ll say H&M boot since I saw it there.
Urban outfitter bird house necklace.

I should start writing the prices no ? I don't spend a lot at all
the dress alone was only $10 my necklace was $5 from the sale.
Boots are unknown but they're def. not a lot.


  1. That's too hot for my eyes! LOL. I love the shoes.

  2. hah this is real cute. i love that lil smirk u have in ur pictures that's kinda like "yea, i'm cute" lol.

  3. I like it! The stripes,color and the bows are perfect for spring. =)

  4. hahaha its cute as a dress.. i wear a lot of things as a dress that arent supposed to be a dress lol
    i really like the back shot.. the back of the boots and back of the dress are nice

  5. that's a great look, it really suits you

  6. I love the dress, and I think it looks great as a dress on you, so who cares what others say.


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