Monday, April 5, 2010

award and such =)

Danice one shoulder striped top, cargo shorts && sandals. bracelet a gift and charm from the streets of nyc.

I have been MIA lately. Well with a camera that rarely works a worthless job and a
attentive bf I've been pretty busy doing nonsense, but I did go to six flags on Saturday =D
I realized that my camera takes really good close up pix but other than that it's all
garbage I just need a new one.
I'm sick yet again it's so annoying I hate it.
The weather is getting beautiful I checked my attic && I have a million summer dresses.
Well I don't want to keep babbling on......

Ive received an award from Ravyn Rae
check out her blog.

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&& for this award I nominate all of my followers for you all interest me. =)
&& are beautiful.

Have a great day !


  1. Congrats on the award! I hope you feel better! I just got over a cold too, i think its because of the weather change! you should def. invest in a new camera! How bout a nikon those things are durable!

  2. nothin like some shoulder make an outfit great lol. diggin the fit.

    I need to get a digicam myself, too many oppuritunities that I haven't been capitalizing on, gonna change that soon.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Yesss you couldnt have said it any better sylvia I should get a nikon. I have looked at a few I need to stop contemplating and just get one already . =)
    Thnx guyss

  4. Aw congrats on the award! I def. need to get a new camera as well mine has been driving me crazy, blurriness consumes every single photo.

    & love the outfit! Looks comfy but really cute at the same time.

  5. aw lovely..
    i like this look on you :]


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