Monday, March 1, 2010

Yes she's older now.

"The sound of silence deafens my ears"

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back when my hair was longer =( rip beautiful hair
"I leave the past in the past tomorrows not promised and today's just a gift I
guess that why it's the present"
In 13 days it's my blogs birthday.
A good ol year && I went back to see what my first post was && I wrote about LOVE
&& what I went through.
People get so caught up in their past.
Like my mommy said "you always do better than your last"
I think I have it's because you learn from your mistakes and you grow wiser.
"Revenge is a confession of pain && you never fall in love the same way twice"

I want my heart to skip a beat when I'm with you I want to have butterflies in my stomach when on my way to see you. When I kiss you I wanna feel like it's just me && u.
I don't have any of that.
I don't get my late night phone calls every night like I used to.
Ughh everyone's different && I cant get everything I want.
That's too bad.
Well my bf started blogging idk if he has anything good to say lol jk.
you should check it if you like follow him .

oh what im wearing.
Cardigan from japan.
F21 Black tee
Brown earrings you cant see from Walmart.

Have a nice day bloggers.


  1. kudos once again on a dope quote. I think it's cute that u remember ur blog's b-day, i probably already missed mine but i'm sure it understands =P.
    I always try to live each day as it comes to me now because learning from experience living in the past only breeds questions of what if? and false hopes. I also really like that Revenge quote as well. Love always comes in different forms and because of this we have to always be open to new things or else we'll never quite find the right one. Sorry for the ubercomment lol.

  2. Lol it's ok I love feed back and I Noe we can't have those I coulda shoulda would of done moments . I seen thy quote somewhere cab remember but ihad to put it down and yess I only remembered my blogs bday bc I went back to my first post hahaa thnx for te cmnt it's appreciated.

  3. i missed my bloggs bday lol but me and u blog have the same bday=) AND i love this post...we been getting into these love post alot i love LOVE lol

  4. lol i believe so ill make a shoutout to ur blogs bday then lol
    && me too especially when u find someone special to share it with gotta lubb it <3

  5. i love that daisy wedges u wore a few post backs!!!

    xoxo jenna


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