Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"I'm gonna be a kid at heart forever"- Krypton.

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"oh baby im a"- what are you really Rihanna a rockstar?

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I didn't think I would like this shirt because of the back
Like my twin says "you just gotta break into em"
so I did I guess.
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What I'm wearing.
Danice Rib Tank scissored cut in the back
Forever 21 jeans.
Now for my boots.
I was in H&M a couple of months back && I saw my boots that my grandmother gave me.
She didn't get them at H&M I'm actually not sure where she got them.

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Same boots on a mannequin.
haha =)

Have a nice day bloggers.


  1. kick ass i got quoted again! honestly i don't even remember when i said that XD. but thanx again for thinking enough of the things i say to quote em, much appreciated =)

    btw the shirt is a good look

  2. Hahaa yes when o posted my black and white pix thnx loves I really think I was going to like re shirt

  3. awesome shirt!


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