Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is practically here.

New york & Company cardigan, F21 floral button up, F21 && Aldo sunglasses, Danice jeans, Payless canvas sneaker, Aldo bag, J & J necklace && earrings, Danice pink tank.

I had a early start to this beautiful day.
Went to Grand Central with my twin to check out the MAC store, I sadly walked out
the store emptied handed.
Walked down to Aldos where I bought my bf's shades && mine ( or sisters -_-) they were 2 for $20.
I met up with him at Union Square. So beautiful out of course I had to stop by F21
which happened to be across the street from the station.
He surprised me with flowers I'm not sure what kind they are.
(Sunflowers are my fav but any would do I'm very appreciative about everything I get)
We laid out at the park enjoyed some sun.
Oh how I missed the warm spring weather.
Light breeze blowing my hair && not having to worry about being
blown away by a gust of wind && frigid air hehe.
Well im done blabbing about my day
Hope everyone enjoyed theirs.


  1. that sounds like a real dope day and ya look great in the pix. Yall compliment each other well. Can't wait till i have someone special to enjoy the lazy days with

  2. aww that was so nice of him to surprise you with flowerss.=)

  3. aww thnx guys I hope you do find someone bc when my friends fail me I know ill have him

  4. Super cute post! I love the shirt. The flowers just make me happy!

    You've gained a new follows ;)


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