Sunday, March 21, 2010

Respect your elders

Derek heart cardigan, Danice body suit, floral skirt && tights, payless canvas sneaker, f21 sunglasses.

"I hate the way you think but I love the way you are"

Sundays I usually spend the day at my grandmothers house for lunch.
Since everyone already thinks that I have this "granny"style to me I decided to wear this floral skirt that I just bought since it was going to be nice out today here in New York.
"I dress better than your gramma"
My grandmother forever wears heels, she can not wear flats whats so ever.
She's always dressed up no matter where we go.
I raided her closet today where my sister && I found a bunch of hats that my sister is into now.
My manager thinks I always raid her closet for my outfits I don't lol
I do NOT own anything of hers ( uh except for brooches )
I'm waiting on my order from
WTH it's almost been a week what's going on?
I think I'm going to call them hmmm

Hope everyone had a wonderful day


  1. u kno the quality of ur pix or the poses u do in em make me forget ur one of us civilians lol. I think ur famous sometimes =P.

    i still don't see the whole "grandma" thing, it's just more of a vintage style but u make it look modern. if that makes any sense

  2. cute outfit lookun hot not better then me but you up there lol i had a great dinner wit you too love ya

  3. Adore your skirt. Beautiful.

    You look fabulous.


  4. I see Your on your model status in this post
    that is some nice ass clothing there though
    i love the style
    it's like not typical staten island chick
    you think outside the box.

  5. thnx guys idk certain ppl say I loke && dress like their grammas lol
    it completely made sense krytpon i take it all as a compliment.=)
    thnx jinmi u should hurry on home.
    You should see how these "staten islanders"are lookin like now a days -_-

  6. Love the outfit, & the blog.

    Your style is so cute!


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