Monday, March 29, 2010

New world what ?

So my "good"camera broke. I'm not sure how so my pictures look
really low quality I guess it's saddening actually * shrugs shoulders*.
Besides the laundry all over this messy room of mine what could do I'm a morning person.
This was taken at like 10 am. While most of yous are laying in bed sleeping in on a monday because it's spring break I'm taking pictures for this blog of mine.

Subliminal messages are EVERYWHERE.
Listen to what most of your favorite artists really say in their songs.
Everything evolves around sex. Why?!? duhh "SEX SELLS". This is besides the point I mean I'm not really talking about sex here I'm just talking about these messages they say.
Or when they're played in reverse.
Well I'm not going to get deep into this topic because I might get into trouble.

"On to the next one."
Work now play later.
I was watching True life idk what it was called but the couples with the phones.
Having a relationship with your phone I guess. If you trust your lover you have no real reason to check their phone. If your significant other is the only one bringing home the
"paper" then don't complain about him taking his "business"calls. Yes yes they can go a little too far with this "relationship"of theirs && the phone.
Then again the girl complaining about her b.f's facebook. She goes on a date && does what he does always on her damn phone. I just don't get it.

No im not reviewing a show I just wanted to share that with you guys. =)

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

what I'm wearing H&M ruffled shoulder shirt.
F21 jeans.
Wet seal floral wedge shoe.

( you can't tell but the shoes are a little big on me I have such tiny feet grr)


  1. nice outfit, diggin those shoes on u.

    i am in no way shape or form a morning person, i dunno how u do it lol.

    yup pretty much every song u hear on the radio will be geared toward sex especially in Spring and Summer when everyone's in heat lol. Thats mostly why i dont bother listening to the radio.

    I never check a girls phone in a relationship because I feel like in order to get trust u gotta give it. People that check their significant other's phone n shit are insecure.

    Love the quote btw

  2. tell me about it we are muther effin doomed!!!!

  3. lol I dont blame you being a morning person isnt always pretty.
    You know id bring the "insecure"thing up to ppl but then they get all defensive so idk I just like to mind my business.

    Thnx love I might return myshoes my feet are just so small -_-

  4. great shoes!
    that is my all time fave colour.
    as for the tunes, yes most top 40 is like that, but i don't listen to that type of music much at all anymore. it's a shame though, i walked past a bunch of girls (maybe 8 years old) that knew all the lady gaga lyrics. not so cool.

  5. You have an award waiting for you in my last post. :)

  6. Those shoes are soo cute!
    And I know exactly what ur talking about, I was gonna end up doing a post on the whole subliminal messages thing but then decided not to.

    & very true about the whole trust thing. But I guess some people have their reasons sometimes, I don't really agree with checking their phones though when you can just talk to them about it face to face, if their lying it'll be visible.

  7. oo your wardrobe looks fun, I love seeing into peoples closets, as stalkerish as that sounds, haha.


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