Tuesday, March 23, 2010


f21 sweater, necklace, jeans, earrings, Breckelle brand boot, bracelet a gift.

"And when its all over I'll have these memories of mine to cherish upon"

"Don't believe the lies look me in my eyes please don't be scared of me"

Went to the city. My main purpose was to go look for shelters to adopt a puppy.
I found it but there was a wait&& I didn't want to be by myself as I already was.
I'm not suppose to be spending money but I couldn't help but stop by H&M where all the blazers && jackets were on sale.
I bought a simple top with ruffled like shoulders && a jacket with studded shoulders.
Oh I did get my order from wetseal.com
I'm not as satisfied. The shoe doesn't fit && the skirt looks so small, even tho I'm
small, I didn't even try it on yet lol.
* sighs* I have to get ready for work.
So not looking foward for it I need a new job. Anyone in the New York area want to hire me =).
Have a great day!


  1. That sweater is soo cute, lovely outfit.

    I've been wanting to adopt a puppy too but my mom is giving me a hard time. She was actually gonna let me get one a few months ago because she knew a guy that had newborn puppies but then his daughter dropped the one I was supposed to get on his head and he didn't make it. SO upsetting. I just have bad luck with pets but good luck to you hope you get to adopt one!

  2. dope outfit but then again what else is new?

    Fear is one of my favorite Drake songs. one of his realest songs yet. I sing the chorus to myself alot lol.

    i hate that, right when ur trying to conserve ur money everything wants to go on sale lol

  3. Awww omg that's so sad. Yeah my parents are giving me a hard time too bc I have 2 cats but it's going to say with my bf and ihave it on the weekends til I move out. && thank u I really hope I find a dog with a hassle. At krypton I have the ringtone I love that song and I know. Iahtw it when everthing goes on sale knowing I shouldn't be spending anything -___- lol

  4. Hi! I hope you find your puppy soon! I appricate those who adopt rather than buy. I saved my Bella (shes a malitpoo) she wasnt at the shelter but i found out that this lady was selling maltipoos and i was interested to see if she was a breeder etc. well when i "went" to see the pups i seen that her home was nasty and the 3 puppies were sick, i ended up buying Bella from her i couldnt leave her with this women, i paid her in cash and left with my new puppie (the other two have been sold, they were going to pick them up the next morning) we took her to the 24 hour pet hospital and got her treatment and medicine to make her better she has Kennel Cough deadly in puppies, i was glad we saved her it cost a lot to save her but im glad shes here today. I have a pic posted on my blog when she was only a few months old. good luck!!

  5. Wow I love your sweater from F21! It's so cool I also love the way you combine it, and I love the place where you took the pictures it's so artistic!

  6. thnx girls im off tomorrow so alone or not I'm heading back to the shelters to check.
    Everyone should be aware about puppy mills and why they should adopt rather than shop for a dog I had to explain this to my bf bc he just wanted to go off && buy one I'm glad you saved your dog I saved both of my cats from the streets. I appreciate ppl like you
    @ M. thnx I took the pix in my && my bf's room his happens to more "artistic"lol


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