Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cupcakes && Smoothies.


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NObody had the decency to say "hey fix your jeans" -_-
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Bling Blaow
haha I look silly
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"Why are you taking so long to take the picture?"
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Had a long day what can I say I have my moments.

What I'm Wearing
Danice button up shirt
Charlotte Russe braided brown belt
Black f21 jean
Bamboo boots


  1. lol i hate when my jeans aren't cooperating with my kicks.

    last picture made my laugh a little.

  2. Cute outfit! I like your style :) Yea I've had those moments too, Ive even had a hole in my jeans right on my butt and we were with a group of people and no one had the decency to tell me, "Hey you have a hole in jeans" :/ so I can relate to you in that sense lol :) I tagged you for an award on my blog, check it out :)

  3. Lol thnx guys jinmi I was on my wat to bk lol member the convo we had and yea about the last pic my "photographer" was taken forever lol and omg that suks I hate it when people don't want to speak up I would have and Ty i'm going to check it out :)
    I'm excited xoxo

  4. omg whos takin these pics like they suck lol and wow wat an amzing outfit u have on i wanna be like u lol foreal though u looked lovely that day even though u was actin u know how.....


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