Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking baby steps.

A cookie can be here today && gone tomorrow.

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I absolutely love black && white photos.
They say more than what you can imagine. Funny I just now realized that I've
never really posted a black && white pic.
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Snows like there's no tomorrow in New York.
It stops me from doing anything && I hate being home with nothing productive to do.
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I can look up at the stars in my room. lol

What I'm wearing.
Oscar de la Renta scarf
H&m striped sweater
F21 faux pearl earrings.


  1. sooo yea ima need us to stop having things in common lol. I LOVE Black n White pix because of the deep meaning behind a lot of them. Draining color out of an image can really make u pay attention to the story behind it.

    cool points for having the little glow in the dark stars on ur ceiling lol.

  2. Yess I love the way u think and I used to be in my mode where I only took black & white photos . Hahaa I've had those stars there forever I'm still a kid at heart xoxo

  3. Hi Hun, I love your blog so far.I'm following you..I'm new to the blogging world..So PLEASE follow me!! Thanks xoxo

  4. So true. Black & white photos are so simple but say so much more without all the colors there to distract the eyes.

  5. being a kid at heart is awesome. ima be a kid at heart forever

  6. Thank u im following yours as well.
    Your right Leslie that's whi I love em it has sucha deeper meaning to them
    haha im quotin you on that again "im a be a kid at heart forever"

  7. I love your blog post!

    I am a new follower : )

    Please check out my blog when you get a chance too.

  8. I love black and white photos! You look amazing! I hate the snow now! Now that i have a car, i cant go no where when it snows!!!
    Thanks for grabbing my badge! You should create one so I can post it on mine!!!


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