Monday, February 22, 2010

" Short girls are the shit" - Krypton.

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Somethings wrong with my b.f's camera I'm always coming out blurry grr.
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What I'm Wearing.
Mystique Blazer
Forever 21 v-neck t-shirt
F21 jeans
Walmart earrings
Daisy Fuentes wedges.

My bf gave me a love letter it was so sweet he made me feel like I was 10 again

" Never settle for anything less"
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but I'll put the link up when I put more pics up I've been to lazy.


  1. I've been immortalized as a quote on ur blog. it's an honor *bows*.

    dope outfit by the way, but then again what else is new?

  2. Lol I told u soo besides I'm short people gotta know :) and thank you I try Xoxo

  3. ooooo the clothes are nice
    i like i like
    but whats that godly type tv behind


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