Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Wendy

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"How you doin!?"

I went to the Wendy Williams show on Wed. 2/3/10.
I freakinn L O V E her.
Went with the "Danice" ladies (inny)

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We were beautifying ourselves with all of the Pantene sprays that they had laid out in front of us with a huge mirror

(you know the ones with the light bulbs around yea I felt like a movie star! lol)

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&& this is what I wore.
My b.f's lovely cardi from H&M
Blue sequined bow blouse from H&M
Black jeans F21
Bracelet gift from the b.f from Puerto Rico
&& boots that you can't see .

I had a great time. She interviewed Jerry Springer.
We left with Frozen Hot chocolate mix.
My sister actually made yesterday it's sooo good.

I hope my readers have been great.
I love the feedback I get
I always return it of course.
Until next time


  1. sounds like a fun time, not the biggest fan of wendy williams but i'm glad u had a good time! love ur style

  2. omfgggg!!!!! i love wendy imma put a vid of me and my sis sayin it we are the best omg i cant believe that u went im still waitin on tix

  3. gracias
    you should def put that video
    up they had a little girl do it she was so cute lol


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