Monday, February 1, 2010

Lets go out

"I wanna go shopping BUT not with just anyone
but with someone who doesn't like to spend a load"

Here's a list of stores that I visit as I make my way all
over NYC.
(this ones for you Leslie)

Out of the closet thrift shop
Danice (hehe i work at the one on S.I but you can find amazing things for even just $1.99)
Forever21- by far has the most affordable amazing things you'd like.
H&M (not my fav. buy you may like it)
Necessary Clothing- L O V E
Charlotte Russe
There's so many more.
I need to get the names tho.
This little jewelery boutique in Columbus Circle.
Shoe store making your way into Soho.
grrr I will get the names to these stores.
There goes my list
I hope it will help
until next time.


  1. i would love to go but im here
    *sigh* :(

  2. Thanksss! I'm always trying to find bargains but I always look in the wrong places, so this is a huge help and I can't even count how many times I've passed by Danice stores and never thought to go in. Gonna check these stores out this weekend. Thanks again for the post =).


  3. aww jinmi your missing out really.
    hey don't think about coimng to the states without a souvenir for me mmkay =)
    && your welcome. lol you should def go in there they have cute things.

  4. Great store choice. Buy awesome stuff with awesome,relevant price deals :)

  5. well then I'm the wrong girl. always spend a couple of hundred when Im shopping


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