Tuesday, February 23, 2010

L.A vibes

"Baby take me in I disobey the Law."

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"I never play the victim".- Rihanna

My look was actually inspired by a friend of my friend
make sense no ?
I was like oh hey I have a whole bunch of bandanas so why not wear one today ?
Well this friend of mine like to put it around his clothes idk can't really explain it.
I felt like I'm from L.A
was that stereotypical?
Or Compton lol.
I don't know whatever, Snoop should like this one.

Bandana a gift =)
Danice v-neck t-shirt
Uniqlo leopard print sweats.
F21 slippers.
F21 chain.


  1. lol its no sterotypical u look like an LA chick in these pix.

    oh wow u shop at Uniqlo? extra cool points. I went to one of their shops in Japan when i went there a while back, dope gear.

  2. Lol great I feel better now bc it's not stereotype and I pulled off the look :) ooh you went to japan too . My baby sis went last yr she brought back some really nice stuff and uniqlo is the shit xoxo


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