Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I used to know you?"

You tell me we need to talk you tell me to sit down " it's just a talk."
Don't you hate it when people say "hey we need to talk"
especially if your in a relationship.

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"I just want to pinch your cheeks"
I have big cheeks * shrugs shoulders*
The magazine called it an "apple"
I have "apples" then.
How is everyone on here?
I hope good.
Spring is right around the corner
I can't wait to just wear dresses && shoes
and just walk around.
I already started spring shopping =)
stores are usually a season ahead well my job is anyway.
Have a great Day!


  1. Same here! Its so much easier to look cute in spring & Forever21 has some of thee cutest spring dresses.

  2. lovely post :)
    that heart necklace you have on is so nice

  3. Yes they do I get most of my dresses there. Thankyou I actually or the heart necklace wait it's a locket you can put a picture in it at forever 21


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