Tuesday, January 5, 2010

They don't call me DOll for no reason

Well actually D.O.LL just happens to be my initials.
In case you didn't already know && I don't want to sound like a lot of people when I say it but...
I have a shopping issue, I love taking pictures of random things or 
having them taken of me.
(of course most of the time they're actually self timed.)
I love sunflowers, the summertime, I love bursting peoples bubbles...
I keep cutting my hair. Therefore now it's taking forever to grow.
I kinda miss my long hair.
Going to be 20 this year.
Why do I look like I'm still 5?


  1. hah wow DOLL are ur initials? that's pretty dope actually. if u don't count my middle name my initials are ME lol.

  2. yea idk it was probably by accident * shrugs shoulders* who knows lol =D

  3. if it was accidental then that makes it even more dope lol. awesome things that happen by accident are some of the coolest things in the world to me

  4. hey!! just checked your blog!! you are very cute!! :)


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