Thursday, January 28, 2010

&& then there were 2

"It would have been nice to escape reality"
(i love to sleep)

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"Time heals all wounds"

"Don't let pride get in the way.
Don't just apologize to feel better. Apologize to move on.
Tell the whole truth
&& know when to shutup."

Saw this in the GQ magazine featuring my main man Johnny Depp. =)
Thought it was inspiring.
Bold colors are going far now.
Random prints, floral seems to still be in ?
Can never go wrong.

My simple look.
  • Betsey Johnson sunglasses.
  • Walmart earrings
  • Hollister top
  • Hello Kitty charm
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hehe 2 weird looking dolls I found in the attic.


  1. I love the look and the quote! Very inspiring! Betsy Johnson rocks!!!

  2. weird ass dolls
    what was your mom doin in the 80's

  3. u guys find so much stuff in ur attic i think i need to go shopping there lmaoo..i can probably find my b-day outfit lol

  4. Lol I know you can def go shopping in there I find so much shit there. Gotta love Betsey and Im not sure what my mom was doing in the 80s but u remember ripping the eyes out of that doll when I was 5 lol

  5. Love the glasses, so fun.


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