Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recognize the small things they usually mean the most.

Say it loud (keep it short && proud)

So i spent my Saturday shopping with my sisters.
Went all over NYC.
If anyone is trying to buy any type of boots.
(i don't really shop in Soho I'd rather be uptown)
there's this store called necessary Clothing there they're boots are on sale for $9.99
My twin had the privilege to buy cow girl boots for that price.

I on the other hand couldn't my b.f wants me to save up.
If it wasn't for him I would of just
went all out. Trying to eat really healthy now.
Oh yeah can't stop listening to Owl City song Fireflies. Sooo good.

I'm getting accustomed to this Random moment thing.
Well I'm on the quest to find some brass knuckles now.
Not sure why I need it but I really want it. =)



  1. OMG i love neccesary clothing!!!! Yes! i have to run and get boots now!!! Thanks for the comment about my engagement!!!! i added you to my blog roll!!!

  2. tag you're it! You have an award waiting for you on my blog!

  3. i've heard of necessary clothing before. what kinda stuff do they sell in there?

    lol Fireflies is one of those songs that randomly gets stuck in your head and doesn't leave

    i kinda want brass knuckles too. just because they're badass.

  4. Hey, I love your blog, and you look like such a d.o.ll. lol =) im following <3

  5. It's a women clothing store. Has really cute things.
    Yeah brass knuckles idk I just want them lol
    Thank you for following me its very much appreciated. =)

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