Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I aimed at the publics heart && by accident I hit it in the stomach- Upton Sinclair

So I did go back to get my boots. =)

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You can't really see the boots that I bought but for $9.99
you just can't beat that price.
The scarf from H&M for $1
(yes I'm a very cheap person)
My job decided to cut hours tuff time for everyone.
Now I'm still on the quest for another one.
I really want to travel.
My dad works at the airport tickets are "free"
Since I'm not in school I just lost my priviledges.
Well I bought eye makeup lol
&& I just realized I suck at putting eye shadow on.
Tutorials help big time so whomever I'm
following that does that better believe I'll be watching your videos/instructions.


  1. whattt ! i would kill for free tix im saving now for 3 trips

  2. yea i know im def slackin omg.
    ooh 3 trips jeez lol
    have fun!

  3. I do makeup tutorials! Check me out at my & my blog on having my blog redesigned today so keep checking back at and follow me if you want! Hope to see u at my new website =)


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