Saturday, January 16, 2010

Half of my Heart

"I can't stop loving you"

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Favorite thing about living in New York?
You can pretty much get away with anything.
Style wise.
You go anywhere else, even some places in Jersey people look at you weird because they think you look "funny" or whatever.

New Favorite store?
New york & Company.
Recently bought cardigans from there.
The one in the photo above have ruffles and gem like buttons.

I recently started to play the piano again.
I have a keyboard in my room.

I need a new one it's kind of old.
Still plays as the "baby I knew".

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other instruments I know how to play are the trumpet and clarinet.

I accidently broke my straightener. So I'm going to have to keep it curled up until I buy a new one. (blow drying semi works for my hair)

Random Thought on my mind.

Sunflowers && smoothies.


  1. smoothies yumm
    they dont have those here

  2. Noo way well you can always make your own. You def need to come back to the states then lol

  3. ur blog is awesome and so are you. that is all

  4. ughh i hate that store i worked there for 1.5 years and it was helllllll !!!!


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