Sunday, December 20, 2009

When your Lost you can be F O U N D

What will happen when Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and even Karl Lagerfeld was to pass. Did you ever wonder who would control they're Empire? Ever really wondered why they haven't retired yet? Well I have. They've made such names for themselves. No wonder why they havn't even thought about retiring and I don't blame them for some people its takes them there whole lifetime to make a name for themselves. Or worse get recognized when you pass on such as Herman Melville. I can't afford half of these wonder designers clothes. So i stick to my vintage or thrift shop little boutiques. =)
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You don't have to spend so much to look "nice". I love how people tell me all the time that they know such things when actually they're the ones who complain about not having the latest thing out. (I'm guilty for having my moments.) Im trying this new thing where I spend less and save more. * crosses fingers* Well most of my money goes into junk food and metro cards && yet I still wonder when am I going to get my license.

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