Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gifts =)

These are some of the things that I have gotten for christmas.
  • My boyfriend bought me a pair of Uggs that exact one in the picture.
  • My boyfriend again bought my sisters and I MW2 (yes I love video games)
  • I pod touch that Ive been asking for so long =)
  • A hello kitty jewelry box.( I love h.k)
Should of recorded my sisters face when she thought she didn't get an i pod because I seem to get a different one every year. (Yes I'll fess up to that one I do)
Went to see Avatar on Christmas Eve in 3D. It was really good I loved it.
I'm waiting to go see Sherlock Holmes maybe tomorrow *shrugs shoulders* who knows && i can't wait for Alice in Wonderland. So excited.
New years is practically here. Damn another year passing by another year getting older.
* sighs* 
I'll leave you with this random moment listening to biggie "now if you don't know now you know..."


  1. i wanted those uggs badly but i got the copper one's.. and go see sherlock holmes its really good.

  2. Yea I really wanna go see it. The copper ones aren't bad my bf was actually going to get me the classic in purple and the bottoms were beige really nice :) but they were sold out smh

  3. i wanna go see avatar everyone is saying its really good.

  4. yes and uggs get sold out wayy to quickly


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