Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lost Ballerina

Ive been completely vulnerable nowadays.
I'm never like that
I tried the best I could in everything I'm not saying that I failed
but I def. have to try harder. They say "when somethings are broken for so long you shouldn't fix it just throw it away". 
People come && go that's just the way it is. Well on a very bright note
 I'm having so many plans for my future (still undecided on what I want to do), still
not in school but hopefully everything will fall into place.
I've been doing a "little" shopping.
I have to many clothes I was actually telling my little sister to move back into my room to make her room into a closet.
She's def. not agreeing with me it was worth a try though.
I've been hearing a lot of my guy friends saying how women are "bi-polar" uhm yeah right.
I'm not gonna lie my twin has been having her mood swings.
She'll be completely fine one minute then she'll go off the next. Like a ticking time bomb.
The holidays are coming can't wait.
I wanna go somewhere far far away.
I'll leave with something random
"you gota personality of a wet mop" hehe -Grease.

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