Thursday, July 9, 2009


My family left the other day. Well my mom && baby sis did. My dad only went so that they can fly for free && get on the plane ASAP instead of waiting. They went to south America, Peru to be exact. Can you guess where I am? ......Home with the twin, mad at the fact that I didn't go and see my family who I haven't seen since I was six why you may ask ? work >=(.
I swear this guy thinks I have no effin life. It makes me sad. I have gotten sick again lost my voice and all so I called out. Oh well my job is not my #1 priority right now therefore I really don't care if I lose my job anymore.
They can all kiss my ass.
Anywho my mom called today they're doing fine she's in Lima and making moves.
*sighs* I wish I was there. Life is completely unfair.
I do not take anything for granted anymore.
I know what close to death feels like I've already experienced it too many times in my 19 yrs.
Well I hope for a safe return for my family and who would of thought that my Twin wasn't that bad of a cook knowing that she's a lazy BUM and still is need of a job.
hehe but lets keep that between us. =)


  1. wow
    peru and u didnt go too
    man that sucks
    fuck your job

  2. truuuu theyre shady i need a new one
    && i need a vacation =/


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