Monday, June 1, 2009

What Can I Say

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Kristen Stewart I actually loved what she wore to the Movie Awards && you can't forget how she dropped her award on the floor (she's only human)
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I L O V E Robert Pattinson && Jacob Lauther.

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I can't wait for "New Moon" to come out this November. And did anyone catch Soulja boy Tell' em's
outfit? He wore Gucci shirt with some nice nike sneakers. He's wearing "tight" clothing now?
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&& you can't forget Shia Lebouf I loved his outfit I need a man in my life not a boy. =) Even Jonah Hill had it going that night overall I thought the show was ok I just loved the Twilight moments. *sighs* (it's the only thing im looking foward for this winter)


  1. i think she should have worn something more elegant to such a big event. but it is her "style" ;)

  2. lol i love twilight too im EDWARD FEEN!!! lol


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