Sunday, June 14, 2009

People take things for granted.

Extremely sick.
I just lost my voice therefore I"m writing on a note pad.
My illness has gotten severe.
I'm in denial on what I have.
I'm on the verge of losing my job.
It hurts to eat therefore I haven't in 2 days.
I lost too much weight already.
My birthday is next Saturday and I'm obviously
not gonna go anywhere out the country.
Although I'm on the guest list for Remy.
Sick or not I have to make the best of it.
After all you only live once.


  1. OMG that sucks
    i hope you get better and dont lose your job aight twinnnn
    get well soon
    and just in case i dont remember which i wont
    happy birthday

  2. thnx jimni =( its so sad i wanted to go to london soo bad


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