Monday, June 8, 2009

The Catastrophe

So I had a really bad weekend.
Parents seen something they were not suppose to see.
Ehh guess that's what you get for NOT being slick.
p.s it wasn't me it was someone else.
Well went to the mall bought this beautiful dress that I might just wear on my birthday which happens to be in 12 days! =)
(Haven't been in there in so long most stores are gone omg.)
All good things must come to an end of course.
Went to summer jam. I wish I was sober I missed almost the whole thing. Least I got to see Jay-z.
Some people told me Fab was there others told me he wasn't.
I heard Mary J Blidge I couldn't keep my eyes opened and Drake I heard him too =(. Least Drake && I had the same black Dee && Ricky heart if anybody heard his song called Congratulations you'll know what I'm talking about. I really wish there was such thing as a time machine boy would I prevent a lot of things that has happened.My camera fell and broke I guess I don't know if the kid I'll call Jay* took any pictures. Swizzy supposedly went on stage couldn't see his short ass. Met Soulja Boy Tell em "omg what an accomplishment" sarasm* of course.
So many things could have been avoided but because people do not use their minds it wasn't. Well you'll always have better days to look foward to.

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