Friday, May 8, 2009

turn up my radio

So I was listening to z100 this morning on my way to work and the topic was about relationships and who takes it harder when it's time to move on.
They obviously said WOMEN do. That we get emotionally attached. so hear is one conversation.
Elvis Duran asked a caller what was her opinion on the situation and she responds.
-"I've recently have gotten out of a 4 yr relationship and you'd think he'd care about me but NO my best friend found out that he was already sleeping with some random girl. Men are shallow and move on quickly."
Another guy spoke up and said that "It's all about sex" that once the guy knows the sex is over he goes out on the prowl to look for another female who does it better. As they continued on the subject they had a male caller and he says
- "Of course men are going to be emotional about the situation because if your getting a divorce they have to worry about the money they're about to lose".
This conversation was getting me upset because I always did feel that even though im a "strong"person and do not like to get too attached you just can't help yourself and then you pay the price for it when you get hurt. Men are shallow and think about themselves. Most men only want sex from a girl and that'll be it, but I'd still like to think that there are still some "good"guys out there.


  1. lol
    im not gonna bother
    on this issue
    way to complicated

  2. Well that's the best way to think about it cause if u don't u will never be happy

  3. oh em gee i feel you some men r dicks and theres some good ones its us that just have to kiss a couple of frogs

  4. lol my frog is going to be my prince charming. hahaa


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