Saturday, May 2, 2009

Love && Inspire

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So today I went to the city with my sisters there was a festival downtown, but that's not what I went for. I've gotten my very first tat =). It's funny how it happened it took me forever to find the place && well when I found it I had to wait about an hour. (It was on ST. Marks so if you know that neighborhood then you know that they're are plenty of tattoo shops there). My sister who has no patience went across the street && the guy actually told her that he'd take her in a half an hour. So she goes before me && my little sister had to use the bathroom so I didn't see my sister get her tat but she did say that it didn't hurt (people take pain differently && I was getting it in a different place therefore I didn't know what to expect)
 Then it's MY turn. The guy calls me over and asked me where I wanted it I pointed to my shoulder. I sat on a high chair && he says to me
-"I'm assuming that this isn't your first tat"
- I respond "NO this is && I'm pretty nervous"
- he says "well you seem pretty calm && excited && seem like you know the deal"
- I laughed.

Then he finally gets started. It didn't hurt at all. It was just annoying && it was just about 10 min. There's no regrets like Swizzy said "these are memories being made". It reads "L'amour et inspirer" it means Love and Inspire in french. I suggest for anyone out there whose thinking about getting one to go to a few places first because the first place that I went to try to charge me $125 && up. I was like NO way. Always make sure that they use different needles && such you don't want to get anything. Other than that I say you only live once therefore Live Dangerously. This may be my first tat but it sure isn't my last =P.


  1. Niceeeee.....the spot u picked sounds like its would hurt me ...where i got mine at hurt for like 1 whole min. And then its stopped

  2. thats cool
    i might get one that says no love

  3. yess join the shoulder tattoo club mine hurt for a sec then that shit was od od od annoying the buzzing sound...i paid $35 for that lil Q only cuz they guy was nice and he knew mike's sis(thats who i went with) and i was scared at first that lil shit actually costs $45 but im getting another one at the end of this month or the beginning of june on my foot now thats gonna hurt...but you tat is hot!!!

  4. i think im gonna get guages in my ear

    not big ones though

    they would look cool

    or a tatto on the ear


    my crazy mind is swirling

  5. are u serious i asked my sis how would i look w/em on lol
    when i was gettin my tatto she says "no way!!"lol

  6. lol twinn
    *no homo*
    you would look hot

    at the no homo part


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