Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm not entertained

Nothing interesting has happened lately.
It's work go home play video games talk to random people
then I wake up the next morning to do the same thing all over again.
Although I was in the car with my friend Kyel the other day and
(we were coming from Game stop I got Kill zone 2 I love it)
while as he was driving me home there happened to be a lot of traffic on forest ave
like as if it was rush hour it was almost 9pm. So we are almost in front of Lowes and then I spotted a kid laying in the middle of the street looked unconscious
I was in complete shock.
kyel didn't know what to think all he kept saying was

"OMg he's dead look at him he's dead"
I'm in complete denial I still don't think he died.
We went to white castle drive thru

(I completely dislike white castle I'm going to start a petition to ban it lol)
The kid there gave Kyel 3 free burgers I'm still not sure why maybe he was just being nice.
So kyel asks "why'd you give me these?"
I reply "Why are you complaining about free burgers?"
Like in h.s I hated when my peers would ask "Oh Ms. we're not having h.w tonight"
I mean do you want h.w don't you want a break from all the work you do in school that you also have to continue at home ? ughh it really bothered me .
Well he wanted to drive back being the nosey person that he is && at this point the ambulance and all ofthe cops were there.
(oh I think that maybe he might of gotten hit by a city bus because there was one not in service with all of the passengers outside.
) Well long story short I might of seen a dead person it was completely a shock to me I do not ever want to experience anything like that again.


  1. my life has been the same way lately, so boring. i blame it on school

    kyel is an idiot

    and if you think what you saw was crazy. its story time.

  2. i just read ur blog that is so crazy i would probably die if I saw something like that and i was in bk with kyel last night hes a character lol
    and what is e3? im just so curious ?

  3. he was TOTALLY dead! btw.. white castle is a mouth ORGY! anyone that thinks other wise could go fly a kite.


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