Saturday, April 18, 2009

She's Back

So my baby sis came back from Japan yesterday. She had a great time.
I got my stuff yay me =)
the pic above is my hello kitty wallet, hello kitty
phone charm, and my i pod is sitting on lego speakers. It's so cool you just put your i pod on it && there's buttons on it to put the volume up or down =). [Note to "THE TWINS" step your lego ideas up because you have nothing on JAPAN =) ]. She went to this place I forgot what it's called but there was a cell phone that looked like a robot. I think she said that it's called a transformer. It looked crazy. She went to school there && stayed at someone's house for 2 days. I wanna go so bad my dads upset that she went before him lol. Maybe next time dad just maybe =P.

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